It's All About the Glass!

Did you know that 62% of consumers prefer bars/restaurants that serve beer in the proper glass? Why? Because the proper glass leads to a more enjoyable drinking experience for the customer! Glassware improves beer senses by allowing the drinker to see and smell the beer, as well as impacting the flavor and consumption of the beer. The shape of the glass directs the flavors to the general receptor areas, while pouring a beer with a foam collar releases carbonation in the beer, impacting the taste.

Making sure you are using the right glass for the right style of beer is very important. 39% of consumers will pay more for style appropriate glassware and 75% of consumers believe beer is better when consumed from a glass versus a bottle.

Glassware comes in many shapes and sizes. Currently, Miller Lite, Coors Light and Blue Moon glassware is being offered in 22oz Signature glasses. Why use 22oz glassware? When consumers are given a trade up option retail volume has been shown to increase by 11% and they will remain in the establishment 19 minutes longer! Ask your Frank Beer Rep. for more insights on proper glassware and let them know you would like to feature 22oz glassware for your next Happy Hour!