Sam Adams Beers for Cheers Variety Pack

Bring the Cheers to the party this season with the Sam Adams Beers for Cheers holiday variety pack. Filled with a flavorful and intriguing mix of winter beer styles it’s perfect for the holiday office or family get together.


BOSTON LAGER: Bold, rich and complex. The distinctive balance of spicy hops, slightly sweet roasted malts, and a smooth finish give Boston Lager its full-flavored taste. The unmistakable character of this brew began as our original and became an American classic.

OLD FEZZIWIG Like the character that inspired it, this spiced ale is warm, festive, and worthy of a celebration all its own. Its full body accompanies a deep malt character, with notes of sweet toffee and rich, dark caramel.

WINTER LAGER: For colder nights, lean on Winter Lager, a crisp bock with citrus and spices. The clementine orange aroma is especially refreshing during holiday meals and celebrations.

HOLIDAY WHITE ALE: Ah, the holidays. Full of friends, family, festive parties...and last-minute gifts and food mishaps. Whatever happens, this beer is your trusty plus one, smoothing things over with orange peel and holiday spices.

COLD IPA: Inspired by our Boston Winters, Cold IPA is fermented at colder temperatures for a fresh spin on the style. This beer has a balanced bitterness with a bold, burst of IPA hops. When winter hits, raise a cold one.

OAKED VANILLA PORTER: Complex and malty with a hearty, warming character, this Porter features notes of vanilla and oak, hints of coffee, and a touch of sweetness. O.V.P just might be your holiday party’s new M.V.P.