Bieler Pere et Fils Rose

The string of warm vintages continued in 2017 but the main headline was the extreme drought. There was almost no rain from May through harvest and as a result yields were down about 20% for most (even more for those who had frost or other issues). Grape clusters were loose and berry sizes small. The good news though is that flavors are amazing and quite concentrated though without being heavy. Temperatures were moderate in the fall so acidity was retained allowing unusual balance of flavor and freshness. You’re gonna love it. Learn more about Bieler Pere et Fils wines at their homepage.


Travis Hasse Distilling Co.

Check out the story of Travis Hasse's fantastic products and the family story that's behind this damn wholesome distiller!

Love Noir

Everyone has a darker side. The allure of noir allows people to be a little edgier, a little racier than their everyday selves. Love Noir wine fulfills that desire with the promise of sultry, fruit forward flavors and luxurious textures. In this unique style, richness and decadence are king. Love Noir gives wine consumers this freedom with a wine that tastes remarkably more expensive than it is. From the first alluring sip to the last, this is Love Noir. Fall in love with the darker side of wine.

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Humble beginnings, but a landscape full of character and possibility.
Learn about the story of John and James Chivas

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Cavit Collection

Cavit combines more than a half-century of winemaking expertise, the dramatic landscape and terroir of northern Italy, and a profound enjoyment of the good things in life to produce their quality product.

Cavit swept onto the radar of American wine lovers in the 1970s as a pioneer of a then little-known white wine called Pinot Grigio. Prized for its crisp, elegant character, fruit flavors and delicate floral aroma, Pinot Grigio is a demanding grape to cultivate, but has flourished in northern Italy for over a century. Cavit has consistently championed this varietal in the U.S.

Cavit produces a full range of high-quality, approachable and food-friendly wines including Pinot Noir, Riesling, Chardonnay, Merlot, Moscato, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Red Blend.

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As the creator of the world’s first commercially produced flavored vodka back in 1962 who better to make some of the best flavored vodkas on the market? Check out these recipes or these flavor profiles to plan your next cocktail party!




Crushed Pineapple


Crushed Ruby Red Grapefruit


Salted Karamel



La Crema

When La Crema was founded in 1979, the Russian River Valley had yet to establish itself as one of California’s most important regions for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The first few vintages at La Crema were devoted to learning the intricacies of cold-climate viticulture and winemaking along with the task of procuring first-class vineyards for fruit.

La Crema’s vineyards are all harvested by hand. The winemaking techniques are primarily traditional to ensure that the wines are true to both the variety and the terroir. The Chardonnays are whole-cluster pressed and fermented and aged in French oak on the lees with bi-monthly battonage to add texture and complexity. The Pinot Noirs are cold soaked for five to eight days before fermentation in small, open-top fermenters and aging in a combination of new and used French oak barrels. As with the Chardonnay, La Crema’s Pinot Noirs are pure, accurate and reflective of their origin.

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Jägermeister really needs no introduction, nearly anyone who has been to the bar lately knows what it represents. It's a popular shot, maybe one of the most popular shots of the season, but what other great drinks can be made with it? From the clubs of Berlin to the mixology bars of New York, Jägermeister enthusiasts have found plenty of unique ways to unlock the bold flavors in our elixir. Rewrite the rulebook at your next party with these future classics, perfect for everyone from the ice-cold purist to the most daring trailblazers of taste.

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Red Cat Wine

There are a lot of urban legends circulating about Red Cat, and on behalf of everyone at Hazlitt Vineyards, we’d like to take this opportunity to set the record straight.

They’re all true.

Well, mostly.

See, when the Red Cat comes out to play, things get interesting. There are more smiles and laughs (lots more laughs), more crazy toasts and more of the kinds of things that become part of the stories you’ll never tell your grandkids.

There are also more off-key karaoke performances, but you can’t blame that on us.

One urban legend we can confirm has to do with the history of Red Cat. Before he founded the vineyard, Jerry Hazlitt used to make wine at home for family and friends using the New York-native Red Catawba grapes. Jerry’s sons, renowned for their gracious hospitality, “borrowed” some of Dad’s grape juice and hosted a waterfront bash, complete with a bonfire and homemade hot tub. Historians note that as more Red Cat was consumed, less apparel was worn in the hot tub. This is how HHJ—the original hot tub wine—was born.

Why is Red Cat the best original sweet red wine? It’s high quality, locally grown, and of course it tastes delicious!

Check out Red Cat's website for recipes and more information about its products.

Aviation Gin

Watch the creators of Aviation Gin tell its story

Learn about the process of making Aviation Gin

Check out Aviation Gin's website for cocktail recipes and more information about its products.