Taking cans where bottles can't go

It’s Saturday afternoon and you’re going river rafting with a group of people, you have a picnic packed in your cooler and you see the sign that says “No bottles.” No problem. Or you meet your friends at the beach for sunset, another sign “No bottles.” Again, not a problem. Your ace in the hole? You have wine in cans.

Canned wines are transforming picnic baskets around the world. You drink it directly from the can, like you do a beer. It’s the perfect drinking vessel. Today a handful of wineries are adding cans to their bottling lines.

Don’t panic, wine in cans is meant for easy-drinking wines. Not wines that are being cellared and aged for years. Drink it now, or in the next 12 months.

Wine in cans is starting to take off as winemakers realize what craft brewers have realized and benefitted from; cans are a great package for high end beverages, offer consumers more occasions to enjoy them and provide the best sustainability story in the beverage packaging space. The old stigma where the can is considered to be a less elegant package is melting away and the can is coming into its own. Most new and old beverage industries seem to be pushing toward cans at this time, being led by the craft beer can revolution.

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