Tippy Cow Peppermint Bark

Tippy Cow’s reputation for being able to match and bottle iconic sweet, creamy flavors continues with Peppermint Bark this holiday season! Tippy Cow has expertly bottled the taste of the favorite holiday treat, perfectly blending the flavors of white chocolate, dark chocolate and crushed candy cane with the finest Caribbean rum and fresh dairy cream. A fantastic drink that gives you a reminiscent taste experience that will bring back holiday memories with every sip. Enjoy it straight, on the rocks, or in a steaming cup of coffee or hot chocolate!

Freixenet Prosecco

Freixenet has created a stand-out, high quality and stylish wine that is the perfect for any occasion. Made from the finest Glera grapes in Italy's Prosecco region of Veneto, Freixenet Prosecco is as distinctive as it is delicious, with the lively effervescence of ripe lemon, hints of green apple, and grapefruit flavors. With a delightful light and fresh finish, this prosecco can be enjoyed to celebrate every occasion in style. What's more, the stunning bottle makes for a great centerpiece at any celebration, or to impress family and friends over an evening meal. Perfect with shellfish, light meats, desserts or as a sophisticated aperitif.

White Walker by Johnnie Walker

This new blend perfectly reminds Johnnie Walker and Game of Thrones fans alike that "Winter is Here." The limited edition bottle utilizes thermochromic ink to give fans a frosty surprise message when frozen. With flavor notes like caramelized sugar, vanilla, and fresh red berries, White Walker by Johnnie Walker makes for a delicious serve. The new blend is best served ice cold, inspired by the White Walkers beyond The Wall.

Menage a Trois Luscious Pinot Noir

Ménage à Trois Luscious exposes the darker side of Pinot Noir. Soft and approachable, it seduces you with its sultry fragrance, voluptuous flavors and devastatingly smooth finish. Succulent black cherry and rich raspberry flavors flirt dangerously with sensual whispers of vanilla, thrilling your palate like never before. A kiss of mocha lingers lusciously on your lips—a reminder of a passionate encounter you won’t soon forget

White Claw Mango Has Arrived!

ImageWhite Claw is back with a long anticipated new flavor - Mango! White Claw Hard Seltzer has been the hottest product for the second summer in row. Hard Seltzer Waters are one of the newest beverage categories with a strong, dedicated customer base. Hard Seltzers are crafted with one of the cleanest alcohol bases possible and gluten-free. To keep it pure, no crystalline fructose, dietary fiber, or preservatives are added. Only natural flavors are added, nothing artificial. White Claw comes in at 5% ABV and only contains 110 calories per serving. Six pack cans are now available in Raspberry, Black Cherry, Lime, Grapefruit, and Mango. Black Cherry and a Variety pack are also available in twelve packs.

Baileys Pumpkin Spice – Fall for the flavor all over again

Pumpkin season is here! Baileys Pumpkin Spice blends the flavors of sweet cinnamon and baking spices, luscious maple, brown sugar, and baked pie crust with additional hints of vanilla and coffee for a fall-focused Baileys experience. So what are you waiting for?


Captain Morgan Jack-O’Blast

Limited edition! The latest shot from the Captain delivers seasonal flavors of pumpkin spice mixed with your favorite spiced rum. You'll love it as a chilled shot, but Jack-O'Blast is also the perfect way to add some fall spice to your favorite cocktails. Look for the unmissable pumpkin shaped bottle and make sure you don't miss out.


Bieler Pere et Fils Rose

The string of warm vintages continued in 2017 but the main headline was the extreme drought. There was almost no rain from May through harvest and as a result yields were down about 20% for most (even more for those who had frost or other issues). Grape clusters were loose and berry sizes small. The good news though is that flavors are amazing and quite concentrated though without being heavy. Temperatures were moderate in the fall so acidity was retained allowing unusual balance of flavor and freshness. You’re gonna love it. Learn more about Bieler Pere et Fils wines at their homepage.


Henry’s Hard Sparkling Now Available in Slim Cans!

The hard seltzer category is on fire this year with sales up over 400% from 2017. Henry’s Hard Sparkling is no exception, exceeding all sales goals. When originally released this product was only available in glass bottles. However, those bottles will now be replaced with slim cans. This change makes them the perfect drink for all of your outdoor activities this summer.

The Henry’s Hard Sparkling new slim can has the lowest calorie (88/serving) and sugar count (0/serving) than other hard sparking water brands. Variety packs are available in 12 packs while both the Lemon Lime and Passion Fruit are available in 6 packs. For more information please visit https://www.henryshardsparkling.com

Travis Hasse Distilling Co.

Check out the story of Travis Hasse's fantastic products and the family story that's behind this damn wholesome distiller!