Started in 1933, this family business has grown to include 4 generations of family ownership in the beverage business. Grandfather, Eugene Madrigrano, would be proud to see that each generation of the family has left a significant impact on the companies as they exist today. Born in Mendicino, Italy, he left his home country at the age of 19 in 1905, and came to the United States to seek a better life. He entered this country through New York, and worked on the British Columbia Railways for the next 2 years. When in Portland, Oregon he decided to return to Italy in 1908.

After a short 6 month stay in Italy and seeing how very poor the conditions were in his town he returned to the United States, settling in Kenosha where he met his wife, the former Mimi LaMacchia. He worked for the Simmons Mattress Company until 1918 when he married Mimi and started a grocery store business which he owned and operated until 1933. As the business prospered, and prohibition ended, he sold the grocery store and purchased an old Model T truck. From there, he started a beer business that would continue to grow over the next 83 years.

Each of his three sons (Joseph, Aldo and Dario) were involved in the business. His son-in-law Gene Speca would become involved in the business as well. Over the course of time, Eugene and Mimi would have 20 grandchildren, 30 great grandchildren, and to date 5 great-great grandchildren.

The companies have represented more than 250 various beers, 2,000 wines and spirits, 50 sodas and 3 waters. All of this has developed from a $600.00 truck that delivered four initial products, to a customer base that has now grown to over 1,800 customers.

In 1961, the company built its first new 8744 square foot building, which was a state-of-the-art facility. The original building was designed to hold 45,000 cases of beer and 1600 half barrels. The newest facility in Sussex, Wisconsin currently has 275,000 square feet and holds 500,000 cases of beer and 30,000 half barrels and has a lot of room to expand. The fleet which started with an old Model T truck has grown to include more than 100 vehicles on the road every day.

Over the past 84 years we have purchased a number of brands, while working to acquire additional territory. The combination of these two items and the fine staff that our location employs requires that we have a management staff in place that will bring our companies into the next generation and follow the fine tradition that started in 1933.

In 2016, The Frank Beverage Group acquired Beer Capitol Distributing, Inc., continuing the long tradition of being a family-owned, relationship-driven distributor, built on tradition.

Dave Neville is President and CEO of Beer Capitol Distributing, LLC. Dave has 38 years of industry experience in all facets of the business.

Our employees share our philosophy of hard work, integrity, and dedication. We offer significant benefit packages, encourage continuous training, and hold company meetings to share our successes in reaching our shared team goals. We strive to provide the highest level of customer service with our quality products to our valued customers, and provide that same level of excellence in execution to our valued suppliers in the market place. We are proud to serve the historic and discerning markets here in Greater Milwaukee!

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