Lake Louie Now Available In Cans

Lake Louie Brewing company is proud to announce the arrival of cans of Warped Speed Scotch Ale and Kiss The Lips IPA. The cans launched on Tuesday October 29th and the new package format on these brands is just the beginning of a total changeover of all Lake Louie brands to cans over the next year. The initial offerings will include 6 pack cans of Warped Speed Scotch Ale and Kiss The Lips IPA, along with a 15 pack of Warped Speed Scotch Ale. The timing coincides with the installation and setup of a brand-new canning line and brewery expansion at Wisconsin Brewing Company which purchased Lake Louie earlier this year.

Tom was out hand delivering the new cans with us in the Lake Louie logo’d four bay delivery truck. It will be very similar to the initial deliveries of Lake Louie beer that Tom first did almost 20 years ago. Tom is extremely excited about the upcoming launch and special deliveries he will be making.

“Well, it’s going to be just like the old days. Except of course for the new knees, and a truck that starts every time you turn the key. I haven’t gotten to spend too much time out and about talking to retailers and customers, the last few years. Running the brewery out in Arena took up most of my time. Since joining forces with WBC, I am looking forward to having a little more time to go out and see folks and kiss babies and what not.”

About Lake Louie Brewing Co.

Lake Louie Brewing Co. started out as a mid-life crisis for owner Tom Porter. He spent 20+ years in the Engineering field and was looking to make a change in careers and a change in outlook. Having been homebrewing for a couple of years, Tom wrote a ‘cartoon’ of a business plan that stated a 3-barrel brewery could make a profit (in the first year no less!). Armed with said business plan and a cashed in 401k, Tom proceeded to convert a metal storage shed on the property into a nascent brewery. The rest is history.