Welcome Eagle Park Brewing Co.

Eagle Park Brewing Company was founded by two brothers, Max & Jack Borgardt. Two brothers who love writing music and playing in a band together. Two brothers who absolutely love drinking beer together. Two brothers who started brewing in their garage.

If you respect beer as much as these two brothers do, then you’ve heard a lot of stories. A good story is the key ingredient to good beer. Eagle Park Brewing Company has been in the beer business since they tasted (legally, of course) the sweet, marvelous beverage that’s made from malted grain. They know the craft beer industry and they prove dedication and commitment to the consumer and the craft beer community through every pour, every toast and every taste.

We’re excited to welcome Eagle Park Brewing Company to our line of brews, for limited sales we will have both SET LIST IPA & LOOP STATION GOLDEN ALE available in our market. LOOP STATION GOLDEN ALE is brewed with hints of Agave Nectar, Lime Peel and Sea Salt, this refreshingly addictive beer is sure to be your jam! SET LIST IPA is brewed to get your through your set in one piece, SET LIST IPA has a hop forward flavor profile of citrus, tropical fruit and hints of pine.

As the boys at Eagle Park increase production over the next few weeks, we will be able to supply more and more retailers with these two delicious brews.